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VIP Smart Storage has installed over 30,000 space saving and organizational solutions for our customers in Arizona, since 2002. We are an owner-operated business with experienced professionals ready to help you optimize your existing square footage. If you’re ready to see how new garage cabinets or closet organizers can maximize your home or office’s storage space, while also improving their overall appearance, contact us today! From closet systems to storage cabinets, we can help you reduce the clutter and stay organized. Call us to schedule your in-home estimate or come by our Space Saving Solutions Showroom in Mesa to see examples of closet and garage makeover ideas. See below for a list of the products and services we carry:


Garage Cabinets & Organization in Mesa

If you’re looking for garage cabinets or any other garage organization solutions, look no further than VIP Smart Storage! We’ve been serving residents and businesses in the Greater Phoenix area since 2002 and we are always dedicated to our wonderful customers. We understand that garage organization can be a tough battle. With so many items and not enough time to organize them all, staying clutter-free isn’t an easy task. Let the experts at VIP Smart Storage be your solution! We have exceptional garage cabinets and we can install them with ease. In need of simple garage cabinets or a closet organizer? We have your solution! We have a wide range of garage shelving options to ensure you’re staying organized. Call us today to learn more!


Effective Closet Organizers and Systems

VIP Smart Storage also specializes in closet organizers and systems. Have too much stuff in your closet? Do you feel you need a new closet system to stay organized? We can help. Our closet systems in Mesa and surrounding areas will certainly give you the organization you’ve been looking for, at a price you can afford. Closet storage can be a scary subject to think about for some. Clothes, hats, pants, or jewelry might be cluttering your closet on a daily basis. This might pose some headaches. Relieve the stress by calling us today! One of our new closet organizers might be the perfect closet system for you.